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Le groupe rock The AIM, de formation franco-belge, se forme en 2006.
Un batteur, un guitariste et un bassiste s'unissent autour d'un rock-pop anglo-saxon.

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Powerpop / Rock / Metal


Pignition is a rock band created in 2005. Since the begining our aim is to put all our energy in the shows and in the music.

We feed ourselves with the adrenaline taken out from that shit...

But we realised quickly that it was not enough for us.

So we decided to eat real food, like roasted pork.

And that's why our name is made with the mixing of the words Pig and Ignition.


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Ska / Punk / Rock


Né dans le bassin namurois début 2004, avec pour ambition de jouer pour faire bouger les plus mous d'entre nous avec leur ska-punk bourré d'énergie, les Silly Snails trouvent donc leur place sur une scène en esperant voir un public en forme devant eux!


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Bruxelles - Londre


Combining fast as fuck PUNK ROCK, straighter rock music and a twinge of metal, what more could you want? Backed up by some awesome drumming and funky bass lines!

We've been playing for about 5 years now, we've played with bands such as DISCHARGE, YOU ME and the ATOM BOMB .We've just RECORDED again this January on a whim at Tremough courtesy of the fantastic mr. Ollie Isaac
We have two songs coming out of those recordings that are gonna go onto two compilations next year on PUMPKIN RECORDS and FURY 76 RECORDS.
We play overseas in BELGIUM quite a bit, where there are kids who massage our egos and know our stuff!
We wanna tour as much as possible, if you would like to help us out please drop us a line.


Black metal


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Février 2006. Trois amis, originaires de Braine-le-Comte, décident de se retrouver pour tenter d'enchaîner des accords ensemble.

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