Powerpop / Rock / Metal


Pignition is a rock band created in 2005. Since the begining our aim is to put all our energy in the shows and in the music.

We feed ourselves with the adrenaline taken out from that shit...

But we realised quickly that it was not enough for us.

So we decided to eat real food, like roasted pork.

And that's why our name is made with the mixing of the words Pig and Ignition.


2005: Creation with Quentin (vocal/guitare), Ben(Bass) and Max(drums). One EP comes out : Sweat & Sour.
2005: Julien join the band as solo guitare. Gigs
2006: Max leave the band. Ben takes his place behind the drums. Then Sven takes the bass
2007: Gigs and stuff.
2008: Recording of the first album.


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